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Revenge of the Smelly Running Gear

One more shot of my new favorite cookie, that I just couldn’t squeeze into my last post:

Yummm....  Unfortunately, the package is now empty.  I feel a trip to Fairprice (local supermarket) coming on...

Yummm…. Unfortunately, the package is now empty. I feel a trip to Fairprice (local supermarket) coming on…

We had some friends over for brunch on Sunday.  For those who are unaware, I positively ADORE breakfast and breakfast foods: eggs, oatmeal, cereal, bread, pastries, homefries, waffles, pancakes…I love it all.  The only thing better than enjoying all that deliciousness, is enjoying all that deliciousness with friends.  Plus, brunch is pretty easy to prepare and host.

We served bacon & eggs, waffles, and fresh bread – plus juice, coffee/tea, and fruits.  If you enjoy feeling like a baking rock star, I highly recommend a bread maker.  I think the bread was the most raved-about part of brunch, and I invested a mere 5 minutes in measuring out the ingredients earlier that morning.

Again, I failed to take any photos (I was managing the waffle iron), but we had a great time.  Good food, dear friends, and plenty of cute kiddos to go around, including one that’s just 3 months old.  I love “borrowing” our friends’ kids – I can snuggle them and play with them (while the parents appreciate getting to eat with two hands), but whenever they get miserably unhappy/hungry/poopy, I can return them.  Brilliant.

The offending gear...

The offending gear…

Less brilliant?  Giving your friends a tour of your apartment, opening up the door to your bathroom, and being hit with a damp, musty, swampy smell.  You will then insist that the bathroom itself is perfectly clean, you swear.  But after your run on Saturday, you’d hung all your sweaty/muddy/soaked clothes in the bathroom, and they’d…ripened…overnight.  So it’s not that your bathroom is dirty – it’s just that you don’t stay on top of your laundry.  *red face*

As soon as everyone left, I dumped the offending items into the washing machine.  Seriously, this apartment is a revolving door of stinky/clean/stinky/clean workout gear.

I also chose a new configuration for our dining room furniture. Check it out:

Efficient storage

This might have been my best idea of the whole weekend.  If we keep the chairs up by default, cleaning the floor becomes ridiculously easy – there aren’t any chair legs to sweep or mop around.  I think this is a great solution, although KMN remains unconvinced.  But I think I can win him over.

The weekend came to a quiet close, and we eased into Monday.  We worked all day, then met downtown for a BodyPump class in the evening.

Self-photo shoot while waiting for the hub-sand at One Raffles Quay.

Self portrait while waiting for the hub-sand at One Raffles Quay.

This was my first visit to the Fitness First gym at One Raffles Quay, and I can confirm that it is just like all the other downtown locations: HOPPING at the end of the workday.  There were over 40 people squeezed into the studio for Body Pump.  Space was a bit tight, but I was determined not to get cranky about it.  Thankfully, I worked out in the front row, with KMN directly behind me – so if I gave anyone a black eye during the (reclined) chest/tricep sets, it’d be him.  I’m pretty sure he’d understand…

Thankfully, we finished with nothing worse than shaky arms and tired bodies.  We also realized that, when we’re tired, we’re willing to wait longer for a bus that will deliver us a block away from our front door, rather than take the subway, which requires less time overall but involves one transfer and a half-mile walk back to our apartment.  We cooked pasta and heated up some sauce I’d made (and frozen) a few weeks back. Nothing fancy, but fast, tasty, and filling:

Pasta Dinner

Note to self: Take photo before consuming half the pasta next time. The inside of the bowl will look cleaner, too.

Ever given anyone a black eye in Body Pump?
Our instructor told us all to be very careful, because last week, in a very full class, they’d had “some accidents”.  Eeek.

Have an embarrassing stinky workout gear story to share?

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