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Personalised Fitness Training

Whether you’re in your 20s or your 90s - it’s never too early, or too late, to prioritize a well-rounded movement routine. A balance of cardiovascular,strength, and mobility training can improve health markers, increase your resiliency, reduce stress, and boost confidence. A balanced movement regimen helps your body AND brain feel better.

Each type of training plan is available with Weekly or Unlimited coach contact options:

Weekly: Your training log is reviewed online by your coach once a week (usually Sunday/Monday). At that time, your coach will provide feedback on your workouts, answer questions, and make adjustments to programming for the upcoming week.

Unlimited: Your training log is reviewed online by your coach after each scheduled workout (within 24 hours). You get the same feedback as in the weekly program, but faster – and you also have direct messaging contact with your coach, for any concerns that arise.

Run Options


1 month

  • Low touch weekly check-in
  • SG$85/US$60
  • High touch post-workout engagement
  • SG$115/US$80

Personal Training Options


1 month

  • Low touch weekly check-in
  • SG$105/US$75
  • High touch post-workout engagement
  • SG$150/US$110

Hybrid Options


1 month

  • Low touch weekly check-in
  • SG$140/US$100
  • High touch post-workout engagement
  • SG$195/US$140

Run Lab

Running Programmes

Meet your running goals and stay injury-free! Our approach focuses on safely building distance through personalised plans that include detailed workout descriptions and accountability check-ins.

Your customised plan and our communication platform is an endurance-sport-specific mobile app. When you complete your run, the detailed data is uploaded from your GPS device directly into the app, along with any notes, feedback, and questions you add. This makes it easy for your coach to review the workout, provide suggestions, and address all of your concerns.

Strength Programmes

Get stronger, stay nimble, keep up with your kids. We’re here to help! We specialise in creating unique programmes that integrate many movement modalities, including strength training, mobility work, postural awareness, myofascial release, and yoga.

If you’ve felt that other fitness settings weren’t didn’t address your specific situation/needs, now you’re in the right place. We are creative, non-judgmental professionals who love getting curious about movement, and can help you do the same. We make “moving better” feel approachable, efficient, and fun.

Your plan is delivered through our Movement Labs mobile app. This might include strength circuits (including demo videos), full-length mobility/stretch videos, habit-development support, and more. This platform organises all training information in one place, and serves as your point of contact with your coach, who answers questions, updates programming, and provides a pep talk when needed!

General Fitness Premium Plan

Perinatal Programmes

We are passionate about helping you feel safe, empowered, and strong throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Whether you’re an athlete who wants to return to competition, or an everyday Mum hauling around several kids, carseats, and bags – our personal training plans can be customized for this period of your life.

This programming is a subset of Personal Training - once we understand your needs, we’ll tailor your program to include breathing and movement strategies to help you move safely, preparation for delivery and postpartum, and relevant connections between your workout movements and your daily life. If you already have a workout routine or classes you enjoy, we can also help you strategize on how to adjust these workouts for your changing body.



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