Our Story – Movement Labs

Our Story & Philosophy

Movement Labs evolved from Run with Holly, which grew from Holly’s desire to offer tailored, affordable training plans and coaching to help new runners build a sustainable habit, and experienced runners meet new distance or time goals.

Movement Labs sparked from a desire to grow a business on her own terms, free from the constraints of a large commercial gym, offering a space where all people, regardless of fitness level, age, race, size, or gender identity feel welcome, safe, and supported as they explore the joy of moving their bodies.

This is why at Movement Labs, our conversations go deeper. You won’t find us “grinding” ourselves exhausted with our daily training or running with the single goal of “getting our body back” or “squeezing into those pants”. In our spaces, we discuss goals that help you live your daily life with more ease, less pain and greater possibility. We collaborate with you to define “fitness” for yourself in a holistic way that honors your physical health, mental health, work, family, and fun. We expect – in fact, we LOVE – that this looks different for everyone.

About Holly, our Founder & Head Coach

Holly is a big believer in establishing fitness goals that are not only achievable but enjoyable, and importantly, fit into your overall lifestyle. She wants you to move in ways that you enjoy. If you aren’t sure what those are, she and her team would love to help you find them.

So, whether you want to climb a mountain, effortlessly lift your kids onto your shoulders or run a 5K, she and her team at Movement Labs will do their best to get you there.  She believes in the power of movement to unite people in community, and envisions the Labs as places to grow strong, loving, powerful communities that support the mental, physical, and emotional health of all participants.

Holly is an American by birth and a science-lover by education, who accidentally fell in love with (and not accidentally married) a local. They’ve lived in Singapore for the past eight years, during which she’s grown two babies and developed an authentic Singlish that could match a local’s! She loves BBQ ribs, tow huay, laksa and gooey chocolate chip cookies (which she bakes herself). When she’s not on the trails, leading classes or working with clients, you’ll find her in the kitchen, on the playground, or seeking out a strong cup of Kopi C.

Qualifications & Certifications

  • RRCA Certified Running Coach
  • Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach
  • Certified Les Mills RPM Instructor & Schwinn Cycling Instructor
  • Yoga Alliance RYT200
  • Completed training in Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga & Yoga for Birth
  • Network Pilates Certified Instructor in Fundamental & Intermediate Mat Pilates
  • A serious science-lover with a Ph. D. in Biochemistry


Run Lab features individualisedprogrammes customized to fit your lifestyle and goals. We prioritise getting you strong and keeping you injury-free. Ideal for anyone chasing a running goal, from brand new runner to seasoned racer.


Yoga Lab helps you move with greater mindfulness and ease, with practices that are comfortable, educational, and inclusive. Ideal for athletes, new practitioners, and anyone wanting to explore their own movement.


Strength Lab builds approachable, portable programmes to help you move better – at the track, on your bike, or simply in daily life. Ideal for endurance athletes, those new to strength training, and anyone who feels confused or uncomfortable in a big gym.


Perinatal Lab combines our expertise in movement, respect for your unique situation, and education from leaders in the perinatal exercise field. Ideal for those who want a holistic approach to an active pregnancy and safe, supportive postpartum return to movement.



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