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Night Safari

After addressing the post swim hungries, it was time to introduce our guests to the Night Safari!!!

Holly holding a small stuffed elephant and rhinoceros.

Meet Ellie & Rhino (original, right?). They joined the four humans at the Night Safari. They were SO EXCITED.

KMN and I on the tram

KMN and I on the tram

Night Safari is a popular Singapore attraction – basically, it’s a nighttime zoo.  Many of the animals there are nocturnal, and the rest have had their internal clocks flipped by being fed at night instead of during the day, to keep them up and active in the evenings.  I’m not totally sure how I feel about this, but on the scale of “indignities to animals in captivity”, it seems pretty low.  And the animals seem generally well tended otherwise.  They don’t have an enormous amount of space, but many are smallish animals, and there is considerably effort made to avoid caging.

You can take a tram ride around the perimeter of the park to see some of the highlights and the larger animals, but my favorite part is wandering the footpaths.  I love going on a less-crowded evening, when I can really appreciate the surreal feeling of walking through the jungle (albeit on paved paths) at night.  There is a bit of light, but I still get the sense that I’m walking through the “forest” after dark.


Unfortunately, most photos at Night Safari come out something like this.

Black background, two glowing white scorpions.

I did manage to snap this pic of two Asian Black Forest Scorpions. They glow under a blacklight!

I love to find a less-popular area, where I can stand quietly and observe the animals for awhile.  As any naturalist knows, several minutes of quiet watching often reveals much more than a quick cruise past, and I greedily hoard these observations all for myself.  At least, I hoard them until KMN (or some other unsuspecting member of our group) walks past, then I gleefully pull them over, share my little nugget of observation, and force my victim to watch with me.   My friends and husband are infinitely patient. 🙂

On this particular trip, my favorite critters were the brush-tailed possum and the Asian otters.  Otters are stinky, but I don’t ever get tired of watching their fluid, speedy bodies zip over, around, and through the water.

I also learned that there is an animal called a wallaroo. (!!!!)  It looks like a kangaroo (which is large) and a wallaby (which is small), but is an intermediate size.  Who knew?  Wallaroo is my word for today, by the way.  I’ve been saying it in my head all day long.  [Shhh. I’m totally normal.  Shh…]

Info board from the zoo - A joey attaches itself to the mothers teat, and doesn't let go for THREE MONTHS.

On the topic of marsupials…a shout to all the mommas out there who are reading this while nursing in the middle of the night!

We pretty much closed out the park, around midnight.  KMN and I would have be negligent hosts if we didn’t bring our guests out for another Singaporean tradition: supper.  Singapore tends to be a late night kind of place, and supper is the fourth meal of the day, eaten sometime after 10 PM.  We weren’t up for a full-on meal (often big bowls of noodles), so we went for a lighter snack.  This spot is pretty famous for their beancurd, and is just a block from our apartment:

Sign for Rochor Beancurd House

This is my current favorite spot for bean curd, unless I have a breakfast craving.  This spot is “only” open from noon until 3 AM.

Beancurd again!  Plain on the left, and topped with grass jelly on the right.

Beancurd again! Plain on the left, and topped with grass jelly on the right.

Portuguese Egg Tarts: a layered, flaky crust, with a creamy, slightly sweet filling.  Delicious!

Portuguese Egg Tarts: a layered, flaky crust, with a creamy, slightly sweet filling. Delicious!




Yes, I had beancurd twice on Wednesday.
Except not really, because by the time we had supper, it was already Thursday. Whooo!

How do you think it was discovered that scorpions glow under blacklight?
[I’m imagining them walking into a rave…  “Hey man, what’s up with your exoskeleton??”]

Ever get a word stuck in your head?
[PS There’s always a first time.  *wallaroo…*]

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  1. Sarrilly January 18, 2013 at 10:51 am - Reply

    1. your hair is so cute! 🙂 and i recognize that mini-ellie! 🙂

    2. that joey info board (and your caption) made me laugh!

    3. what does grass jelly taste like??

    4. i love reading a daily update on the life of holly! <3 miss you!

    • Holly KN January 18, 2013 at 3:21 pm - Reply

      1. Bahahaha! Thanks. This current style is called: “Maybe I want to grow it out to a reverse bob, but I don’t really know, and it totally misbehaves in the heat, so I just fluff it a bit and hope for the best”.

      2. Hey, my afternoon (local time) status updates are VERY popular among the nursing mother demographic around 3-4 AM in EST. 🙂

      3. A bit bitter. A bit weird. Texture is slightly firmer than jello. I think it’s made from a plant that’s in the mint family, but it’s not really minty. I think it tastes more medicine-y. Obviously, the plain beancurd was mine. 🙂

      4. At least someone does! 😉 Miss you too. Give J. kisses for me, please!!! 🙁

  2. Cait the Arty Runnerchick January 18, 2013 at 2:03 pm - Reply

    wow, that is SO cool!!! hmm, maybe they figured out the scorpions glowed when they were throwing a rave and busted out the glow sticks…jk. 😛

    i always get funny words stuck in my head when i’m running…GUMBO!

    • Holly KN January 18, 2013 at 3:22 pm - Reply

      Perhaps the scorpions could be used *in place* of glowsticks. 🙂

      Gumbo….gumbo….gumboooooo….. I know what I’ll be thinking about during tomorrow’s run! 🙂

  3. Pau! Pau! | Run With Holly January 19, 2013 at 9:10 am - Reply

    […] thought I was teasing about bringing Ellie & Rhino on the Night Safari.  Nope.  Photographic […]

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