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Run Lab

Run Lab

Whether you are a new runner just getting started or a seasoned racer with a new time or distance goal, Run Lab provides individualised programming to get you there. Personalised programmes include workouts, accountability check-ins, and access to an experienced coach and movement professional to answer questions. As a bonus, we  have options for you to add strength and stretch/mobility routines to complement your run training and help keep you injury-free. In-person form assessments are also available in Singapore.

Yoga Lab

Designed for athletes, new practitioners, and anyone looking to learn about and explore their own movement patterns, Yoga Lab focuses on making the practice comfortable and inclusive. Our practices help you move better and smarter, relieve aches and stiffness, and practice breathing and relaxation techniques.   If you’re curious about yoga, but have found yourself intimidated by or uncomfortable in traditional yoga spaces, please trust our instructors to help you find a class that is supportive, affirming, and comfortable for you. Group training will be available soon, or fill out an inquiry form to request a personalized 1-on-1 session.

Yoga Lab
General Fitness Premium Plan

Strength Lab

Whether you’re an endurance athlete looking for a competitive edge or someone curious about strength training but uncomfortable in a traditional big box gym setting, we specialise in developing a personalised programme that fits into your life. Workout in your home, a hotel gym, or a local park – we’ll tailor a programme to suit your goals, equipment, and movement preferences. Whether you’re chasing a running PB, combating the effects of too much desk-time, or looking to stay mobile and nimble as you age – we make getting stronger approachable, efficient, and portable. Personalised training is available online or in-person, with group sessions available soon!

Perinatal Lab

The same great Movement Labs programming, tailored for women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Perinatal Lab features holistic programmes built by mums for mums, informed by the most current training available in the perinatal field. Our programmes focus on helping you move well, empowering you for delivery, and rehabbing with intention.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to return to competition or an everyday Mum hauling around several kids, carseats, and bags – we provide a compassionate, supportive environment that supports your overall health and family. In our spaces, you’ll be supported as you gain strength and capacity, learn to navigate your changing body, and pursue the activities you love with confidence.We love to share candidly in the joys – and challenges, struggles, and stresses – of raising young children. Nurturing supportive communities united by movement is a central goal of the Perinatal Lab.Personalized training is available online or in-person, with group sessions available soon!

We understand that life is busy, complicated, and often involves kids. They are welcome at your workouts and in our spaces. We aim to provide family-friendly and inclusive environments at all of our sessions, in any space we hold.




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