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Green Corridor Run = Massive Excitement

There is seriously some massive excitement going on over here.  Like, dancing-in-my-desk-chair excitement.  Why?

We’re running our first race in Singapore on Sunday!!!!!!

I’ve described my most recent racing exploits here, but in short – I haven’t run a solo race since June.  June!  So when appeared in my Inbox last week, my excitement began to mount:

Packet Pickup Reminder

This is the inaugural year of the Green Corridor Run.  We’ll be running through a stretch of green that travels all the way through Singapore, north-to-south.  It used to be the start of a railway that stretched from the southern tip of Singapore all the way to Russia.  I believe that some of the stretches have been recently revamped to allow access and provide a narrow running path.  We’ll be running on grass, gravel, dirt, clay…and the course description promises “with forest on both sides”.  Here’s a screen grab of the route:

Screen grab from race website.  The thing is, I'm not seeing very much green on there...

Screen grab from race website. The thing is, I’m not seeing very much green on there…

Obviously, we’ve never run the course, so the run will be an adventure!  There are so many reasons for us to be excited about this: the chance to run, the chance to run a trail run, the preservation of historical spots (unusual in Singapore), and the celebration of green space in an urban hub.  I love it!  Also, there’s the elevation profile.  *giggle*

Again, screen shot from race website.  This is your math lesson for the day: Always check the axis labels.  BAHAHAHAHA!

Again, screen shot from race website. This is your math lesson for the day: Always check the axis labels.

This run – like most in Singapore – doesn’t play to my hill-climbing strengths. Singapore is a pretty flat place.  But it’s OK – because I’m actually not racing this race.  Did you hear that, self?  I’M NOT RACING THIS RACE!!!!  [I’ve been reminding myself of this daily.]

I’m still watching my IT bands, and my metatarsals, and I’m not really in racing shape.  So I am publicly proclaiming that this will be a run for me.  A trail run, in a new place, with lots of Singaporeans who love to run – but a run nonetheless.  I’m emphasizing this mostly for my benefit, not yours.  🙂

Still, I can’t wait.  So while I’m all race-happy, let me tell you a few things about races in Singapore:

  1. There aren’t nearly as many of them as there are in most mid-sized US cities.  There are 2-3 races per month, and usually only one per weekend.  I do believe this number is increasing; when I first visited 7 years ago, I had a hard time finding much info about any races.
  2. Race registration is usually closed a few weeks (or more) before the event.  Green Corridor registration closed December 31, and race will be January 27.
  3. Packet pick up is always done in advance.  Maybe with special permission, you can pick up elsewhere or on the morning-of.  Singaporeans like to be tidy and super organized. While it’s a bit of a pain to make a separate trip out for packet pick-up, I’m quite sure this smooths the logistics of race-day organization.
  4. Singaporeans love goodies – and will protest sub-par goodies.  Thus, the swag bags are usually pretty decent for the race fees.  For example, we paid $48 SGD (~$40 USD) for this race.  In addition to the actual race, and chip timing (Start & Finish), this is what we found in our goodie bags (books not included):


Nylon backpack, visor, $150 spa voucher, 1 ZERO electrolyte tablet sample.

Nylon backpack, visor, $150 spa voucher, 1 ZERO electrolyte tablet sample.

I would have registered even without any freebies, so this looks pretty good to me.  Not sure how long that visor is gonna stay white, though…


My willing co-conspirator.

My willing co-conspirator.

What’s the best goodie you ever found in a swag bag?

Any Singaporeans out there running Green Corridor this weekend?
I’ll be the tall white girl who’s running (not racing!) with the Chinese guy (unless he decides to race).


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  1. thecollarlab January 25, 2013 at 9:40 am - Reply

    Worm Tea!!! At the Oak Tree Half Marathon!

    • Holly KN January 25, 2013 at 12:28 pm - Reply

      That is freakin’ awesome.

      ’nuff said.

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