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Class Schedule

Even as lockdowns ease around the world, with gyms and studios reopening, Movement Labs is playing it safe.
We will be 100% on Zoom for the foreseeable future, with an expanded class listing!

New classes include Your Whole Core Strength Class, lunchtime (SGT) Slow Flow, and a Pre/PostNatal Strength Class.
We continue to offer single and 4 Class Packages.

If you want to make a new purchase in SGD/via PayNow, simply drop us an email with class and date.



Movement starts with You

Why Sign Up with Us?

Because at Movement Labs, we aim to create safe and accessible spaces where you are invited to explore movement.
Whatever your age, size, race, gender identity – we want to move with YOU.
Wherever you are, whatever your goals, we meet your body where it is today, at a pricepoint that works for you.