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Fortunately/Unfortunately (Nov. 26, 2013)

Coach Holly here, reporting, live and well (fed) from northern New Jersey, folks!  I think travel inspires me to write Fortunately/Unfortunately posts, so here’s a peek at Sunday’s travels: Fortunately, modern technology (and the trick of time zones) allows me to wake up in Singapore, and go to sleep later (much, much, MUCH later) the […]

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Pancakes / 1 Hour Pack / Guest Post

Well, folks, it’s just after 5 AM on Sunday morning (Singapore time), and I’m on a plane, heading for the land of turkeys and cranberry sauce and all other Thanksgiving-type shenanigans.  I am both ridiculously excited (Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and my family knows how to celebrate), and a bit anxious (my To Do […]

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Mount(ains and Miles) Doom

Some days, I fail as a blogger.  Even if though I ran a lot of miles and composed a slightly clever post about being a female endurance athlete yesterday, I definitely dropped the ball on my most important Blogger Job of the Day: Promoting my first-ever guest post, over at Mountains and Miles. I’m helping to fill […]

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Perth Marathon: The “Evening-Of” Abbreviated Version

I won’t make you read 1,000 words – let’s just cut to the chase: Perth Marathon = 3:44:53 Sha-freakin’-zam. Given my training and goals, this was a very pleasant surprise.  Actually, it’s closer to ‘shock’ than ‘surprise’, really.  I know that with solid training (including speed work), I have a sub-3:30 in me, no question. […]

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Perth Marathon: One Sleep Away!

It’s 9 PM, Perth time. Race flags off at 6 AM.  [Nine hours to go – but who’s counting?] We’re staying 1 km from the Starting Line (SWEET). The alarm is set for 4 (or 4:15?) AM. At the moment, I’m giving thanks that GCA and I had the foresight to stay so close to […]

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