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Five Things Friday (Unlinked)

I’m not linking up with anyone.  And it’s actually Saturday morning in Singapore.  Double fail? No way!  It’s still Friday evening in the US!!  And I’m (finally) sharing a blog post, after a week of blog-silence!  So that’s a double WIN in my opinion.  So let me ease back in by summarizing the last 5 […]

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A Day At The Singapore Zoo!

When we registered for the Safari Zoo Run 6K Fun Run (race report here), we anticipated making a day of the trip.  Admission to the Singapore Zoo was included in our race fee, and I had never actually been to the zoo, so I was super pumped.  Thankfully, KMN’s work schedule played nicely, and he was able […]

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Safari Zoo 6K Fun Run (2013): Belated Race Report

This is actually a report from the Safari Zoo Run, back on Feb. 17. Better late than never? Since the Commenters on my most recent race report (URun 2013) indicated that they wanted to hear about everything in a race, from logistics and organization, to port-a-potty reviews and hydration options, to how I felt during every mile […]

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Night Safari

After addressing the post swim hungries, it was time to introduce our guests to the Night Safari!!! Night Safari is a popular Singapore attraction – basically, it’s a nighttime zoo.  Many of the animals there are nocturnal, and the rest have had their internal clocks flipped by being fed at night instead of during the day, […]

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