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Good Mornings for a Thursday (Feb. 7)

*These are actually leftovers from last Thursday. Enjoy! I believe these two items were meant to be worn together. How did I not realize this sooner? Mendon Mauler T-Shirt (~2009?) Athleta skort (no longer made) This makes me giggle. But it’s necessary, since we almost always have both kinds of eggs in the fridge. Hard […]

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Good Mornings for a Wednesday (January 30)

*Just a few things from last week/this past weekend that I haven’t had a chance to share. Some smiles and chuckles for the middle of the week… My science centre entry stamp after a hand-washing… Houston, I think we have a (solubility) problem... Leftover Rice + Milk or Plain Yogurt + Dried Fruit, Honey, & […]

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Good Mornings for a Saturday (from January 18)

*I started this style of post this past Monday.  It’s the perfect way to share a series of random, unrelated life snippets.  Plus, it’s easy on the eyes, and the brain.  I hope it helps you get your Saturday rolling! What caught my fancy for this Saturday “Good Morning”? My coffee became a transcendental experience. A moment […]

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Good Mornings for a Monday (January 14)

A few things I said “Good Morning” to on this Monday… Crafting notions procured for a few projects this week.   We have some friends from the US arriving tonight, and staying with us for a few days.  One of the projects is for our guest bathroom.  I guess I’d better get started! We love […]

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