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2013 Weekly Workout Round-Up (June 10-16)

Hello there!  Been spending a fair bit of RWH time scheming over some new plans and projects, so I’ve missed a few planned blog posts.  BUT, it’s not too late to take a look at what happened last week.  So let’s start there.  [If you’re new here and want a basic introduction to the cast […]

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2013 Weekly Workout Round-Up (May 27 – June 1)

Thankfully, after the mucus debacle of two weeks ago, last week was a somewhat better week of training.  Things started slowly: Monday: Easy Run Tuesday: Yoga On the urging of a friend, I tried out a yoga class with a new instructor.  The diversity of yoga – and yoga teaching styles – still amazes me.  This particular […]

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Weekly Workout Round-Up, Long Run, and Brooks Bargains

It is 8 PM (when I started this post), and I am sitting in bed, with the air conditioner blasting in the bedroom and my feet propped up.  I’m also eating pineapple.  In bed.  Decadent, right?  And I’m pondering how I cut up one – just one – pineapple, yet half of these pieces taste […]

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7 (or 6) Days of “New”

I like order, organization, and a schedule just as much as (nah, probably more than) the next girl.  But about 2 weeks ago, I started having a feeling that my days were getting too set, too scheduled…too predictable.  I wasn’t going new places or trying new things, I was just hanging out happily and comfortably […]

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This Week’s Workouts, and Life Lessons From Yoga

Ever since Sunday’s race, things have been pretty quiet over here, folks.  Mostly just workin’ and workin’ out.  As I consider the latter, it strikes me that yoga this week has been conspiring to try to teach me a thing or two. On Monday, I went for an easy 2 km swim and took a […]

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