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Weekly Workout Round-Up (July 29-Aug. 4)

This was a pretty full workout week, including with a super long run on Friday.  I was coming off a weekend with a 22 mile run, as well.  Hello, intense marathon/ultra training! Monday (July 29): Rest. I am always tempted to get the week off to a strong start, but between heavier weekend training and […]

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How To Make a Really Delicious Roast Chicken (E-A-S-Y!)

So after having a little plantar fasciitis pity party here and here, I think it’s time for something a bit lighter.  So I’ll write about one of my (new) favorite pastimes: Roasting a chicken.  [This is also healthier than the ice cream habit mentioned in the above posts.] My Dad jumped on this bandwagon a […]

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Chinese New Year, Days 8-15 and Cooking A Whole Fish

“The Jade Emperor is like the big poobah of Heaven.  The Kitchen God is like the snitch.”  -KMN That pretty much sums it up, folks.  In traditional Chinese religions, the Jade Emperor is the ruler of Heaven, and the Kitchen God…well, the Kitchen God sits in the kitchen (surprise!) and watches over the daily activities […]

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Good Mornings For a Tuesday (Feb. 26)

*A few things from the last few weeks that didn’t fit into any other posts…Enjoy! Shadow Play A rare afternoon of sunshine. Allegedly, we’re moving into hot, dry season – but it’s pouring rain right now! And I can’t argue with the breeze that’s blowing…   Merry Christmas to Us!  Love, Our Investment Firm I’m […]

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Chinese New Year Preparations!

The supermarkets are packed.  Chinatown is bustling.  Offices are quiet. Everywhere you turn, you see red. Ah, yes – the biggest holiday season in Singapore is upon us: Chinese New Year. For those who don’t know, the celebration of the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) will start this weekend.  Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally […]

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