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I Can See Clearly Now….(Or Not)

This is a post for my readers outside of Singapore.  Why?  Because my readers in Singapore are living this experience.  What experience, you may ask?  This one: These photos are courtesy of KMN, taken out the window of his office (thus the glare on the left; sorry!). The 2012 photo was taken at sunset; the […]

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2013 Weekly Workout Round-Up (June 10-16)

Hello there!  Been spending a fair bit of RWH time scheming over some new plans and projects, so I’ve missed a few planned blog posts.  BUT, it’s not too late to take a look at what happened last week.  So let’s start there.  [If you’re new here and want a basic introduction to the cast […]

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7 (or 6) Days of “New”

I like order, organization, and a schedule just as much as (nah, probably more than) the next girl.  But about 2 weeks ago, I started having a feeling that my days were getting too set, too scheduled…too predictable.  I wasn’t going new places or trying new things, I was just hanging out happily and comfortably […]

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This Week’s Workouts, and Life Lessons From Yoga

Ever since Sunday’s race, things have been pretty quiet over here, folks.  Mostly just workin’ and workin’ out.  As I consider the latter, it strikes me that yoga this week has been conspiring to try to teach me a thing or two. On Monday, I went for an easy 2 km swim and took a […]

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Good Mornings for a Thursday (Feb. 7)

*These are actually leftovers from last Thursday. Enjoy! I believe these two items were meant to be worn together. How did I not realize this sooner? Mendon Mauler T-Shirt (~2009?) Athleta skort (no longer made) This makes me giggle. But it’s necessary, since we almost always have both kinds of eggs in the fridge. Hard […]

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I Married Into a Matriarchy

In some ways, Singapore is like the United States: A nation of immigrants.  Some of the first to arrive in Singapore (and the rest of the Indonesian archipelago), in the 15th and 16th centuries, were Chinese.  Many of these early inhabitants became traders, and worked with the British, Chinese, and indigenous Malay populations to facilitate […]

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