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Pancakes / 1 Hour Pack / Guest Post

Well, folks, it’s just after 5 AM on Sunday morning (Singapore time), and I’m on a plane, heading for the land of turkeys and cranberry sauce and all other Thanksgiving-type shenanigans.  I am both ridiculously excited (Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and my family knows how to celebrate), and a bit anxious (my To Do […]

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ING NYC Marathon (2013): Race Report (Guest Post)

We’re mixing things up a little bit today. Instead of a Monday race/run report from me (yes, it’s Wednesday, shush), I’m turning this space over to Reuben, my second-cousin-in-law. [Not to be confused with my second *space* cousin-in-law.  Seriously.  He’s married to my Dad’s cousin’s daughter.  So I’m pretty sure that makes him my second-cousin-in-law. […]

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