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Fortunately/Unfortunately (Nov. 26, 2013)

Coach Holly here, reporting, live and well (fed) from northern New Jersey, folks!  I think travel inspires me to write Fortunately/Unfortunately posts, so here’s a peek at Sunday’s travels: Fortunately, modern technology (and the trick of time zones) allows me to wake up in Singapore, and go to sleep later (much, much, MUCH later) the […]

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Fortunately/Unfortunately (May 17)

Fortunately, today is Friday (for me!). Unfortunately, I totally got up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday morning.  [Does anyone else think the use of ‘on’ is weird in this phrase?] Fortunately, both feet still hit the floor before any other body part, so no injuries were incurred.  [And our bed, according to all […]

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Fortunately/Unfortunately and a PF Party

I wrote about my not-so-good foot weekend here.  But by Monday morning, the foot was starting to feel a bit better.  And when I laced it up into my workout sneakers, it felt totally fine!  So I cleared myself for a trip to the gym. I planned to take a BodyPump class, but go easy […]

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