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A Message To Anyone Worried About “Unglam” Race Photos

So there is a blog post floating around the Singapore running blogosphere that’s making me twitchy.  Basically, the post provides four tips to help folks (ladies, specifically) avoid “unglam” race photos.  The author suggests: 1. Wear some make-up. 2. Tie your hair back. 3. Wear sunglasses (to hide slit, shut, or sunken eyes). 4. Smile. […]

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On “bad bloggers” and “not runners”

As I was checking how my Weekly Workout Round-Up for last week post looked on email and on my phone, I was a little surprised to see a phrase that snuck into the post: “…but I’m a bad blogger…”  I caught my breath.  Crap.  How did that get in there?  I often see this phrase in […]

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Five Links for a Friday

OK, maybe it’s not quite Friday for everyone yet, but here’s a random collection of Cool Things I’ve Seen on the Internet This Week, in no particular order and for your viewing pleasure.  If you are Facebook friends with me, some of these might be repeats.  Apologies. 1. A North Carolina State Ph.D. student turned […]

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Venus Run (2013): Race Report

“Graduate Women in Science!” “International Women’s Day!” “Venus Run!” Ooof.  I am so conflicted over female-only events (scientific, sporting, and otherwise).  I think they can be valuable and, when done right, can prompt important discussions, allow more voices be heard, build confidence, and result in pleasant surprises and thought-provoking questions.  However, when done wrong – […]

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