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How To Make a Really Delicious Roast Chicken (E-A-S-Y!)

So after having a little plantar fasciitis pity party here and here, I think it’s time for something a bit lighter.  So I’ll write about one of my (new) favorite pastimes: Roasting a chicken.  [This is also healthier than the ice cream habit mentioned in the above posts.] My Dad jumped on this bandwagon a […]

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Crock-Pot Pulled Pork and Pig Anatomy

I consider myself to be pretty decent in the kitchen, but using a slow cooker is a pretty new adventure to me..  We didn’t have one growing up, so it was never really on my radar.  I guess slow-cooker meals would’ve been a fancy solution to dinner during grad school, provided I actually got home […]

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Do-It-Yourself Porridge: A Work In Progress

Yesterday, I popped out for a short run on one of the trails near our apartment: Speaking of appetites, let’s get back to the porridge, shall we?   [If you’re confused, check out the first part of the porridge discussion in my last post, What Happens When the Colonizers Don’t Discuss Porridge?] The Chinese equivalent of America’s […]

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