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A Message To Anyone Worried About “Unglam” Race Photos

So there is a blog post floating around the Singapore running blogosphere that’s making me twitchy.  Basically, the post provides four tips to help folks (ladies, specifically) avoid “unglam” race photos.  The author suggests: 1. Wear some make-up. 2. Tie your hair back. 3. Wear sunglasses (to hide slit, shut, or sunken eyes). 4. Smile. […]

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The More You Know (the more confused you are)

This week, I am back in the classroom.  Or, at least, sitting on the floor of a dance studio with my notebook and pen, watching Powerpoint presentations (and LOTS of live physical demonstrations).  It’s a weird feeling – in a good way. You see, I’m taking four days of classes with Personal Trainer/Yoga Trainer/Pilates Trainer […]

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What do you get for spending the weekend at the gym?

I spent almost 24 hours in a Fitness First gym this weekend.  My results? LOTS of sweaty clothes… At least 50 repeats of Danny Byrd’s “Daydreamer”… [And we’re all daydreaming now – dun, dun, dun – dun, dun, dun!] More bottles refills than I care to count… [You know your sweat glands work in overdrive when the […]

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How Plantar Fasciitis Is Helping Me Become A Better Coach

I’ve nursed quite a few injuries/health issues in the 13 years that I’ve been a runner.  My personal list includes metatarsal stress fractures, a busted up ankle, peroneal tendonitis, IT-band issues, and anemia.  Although I should say, in running’s defense, only the ankle and IT band can be blamed on running – the others, not […]

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