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Chinese New Year, Days 8-15 and Cooking A Whole Fish

“The Jade Emperor is like the big poobah of Heaven.  The Kitchen God is like the snitch.”  -KMN That pretty much sums it up, folks.  In traditional Chinese religions, the Jade Emperor is the ruler of Heaven, and the Kitchen God…well, the Kitchen God sits in the kitchen (surprise!) and watches over the daily activities […]

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Let’s Talk About Food: Chinese New Year Goodies!

Finally: It’s time to talk about Chinese New Year treats! Previously, I described a bit about our schedule and habits for Chinese New Year visiting, which inevitably includes the consumption of plenty of Chinese New Year goodies.  These treats start popping up everywhere: in supermarkets, in retail stores, and at kiosks in malls and hawker […]

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Chinese New Year, Days 1 and 2

So we should probably get back to Chinese New Year, before the whole holiday is completely over, huh?  My last CNY post left us at “Day -1”, on the Eve of the New Year.  Let’s go back there for just a moment… At the risk of overlooking the hard work of some prominent Chinese entertainer/personality, […]

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Gadget Drama Continues, and Doing Yoga Without The Zen

So….President’s Day, huh?  Not exactly a celebrated holiday out here. I briefly thought about using the holiday as an excuse to provide some background on Singapore’s government and politics – but honestly, that’s a rather weighty, controversial topic.  Furthermore, if I’m not careful, I could get myself in trouble discussing it.  So we’ll come back […]

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Chinese New Year, Day -1

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! [Pronounced approximately*: gong see fah tseye] [Disclaimer: Phonics was my very worst subject in school, folks.] As promised, it’s time for some Chinese New Year posts! Chinese New Year started on Sunday, Feb. 10, but let’s start by going back to Saturday, Feb. 9, to talk about Reunion Dinner. Reunion Dinner is the […]

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Chinese New Year Preparations!

The supermarkets are packed.  Chinatown is bustling.  Offices are quiet. Everywhere you turn, you see red. Ah, yes – the biggest holiday season in Singapore is upon us: Chinese New Year. For those who don’t know, the celebration of the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) will start this weekend.  Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally […]

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