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Blog, meet KMN. KMN, meet Blog.

Sorry, folks – I neglected a very important introduction yesterday.  I’ll get back to 2012’s Running Review shortly.  But first, some clarification, in case you were worried about the seemingly random stranger who jumped into my previous post.  You know, that sweaty (so was I, as you can see from my shirt) guy in the […]

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Running ‘Round The World

Now that I have offended all the glitter-lovers* with my first post, and inadvertently created a demand for photos of a 6-year-old Holly in a tutu, it’s time to move on to less controversial topics.  [*Note: I respect your love for glitter.  Just keep it out of my house, and off my face.] Since this will […]

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Take your mark, and….GO!

I don’t like frilly lace.  I don’t like glitter.  And I don’t like lots of pomp and circumstance. So while January 1 would have made for a symbolic and easy-to-remember Blogiversary (and I’d never forget to buy the blog chocolates, flowers, etc.), it just didn’t really feel like the right day for a first post. […]

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