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Blog, meet KMN. KMN, meet Blog.

Sorry, folks – I neglected a very important introduction yesterday.  I’ll get back to 2012’s Running Review shortly.  But first, some clarification, in case you were worried about the seemingly random stranger who jumped into my previous post.  You know, that sweaty (so was I, as you can see from my shirt) guy in the first photo, on the Hooker Valley Trail:

Hooker Valley Trail, New Zealand, Trail Run

Hello there, sir.  But…ummm…Who are you, and what are you doing here?

Well, it turns out that he’s my husband (although some of you already knew that, and the rest of you probably figured it out). I mean, I like a photo op with a stranger just as much as the next gal, but that gets sorta awkward when I have to ask for permission to post said stranger’s photo on the blog…  So mostly, I think I’ll be sticking to victims I already know, and can harangue/bribe for permission.

Fox Glacier, Hike

Pleeeeease let me post photos of you with a glacier, honey. Please??? [Hiking Fox Glacier in New Zealand]

Since I spend a lot of time hanging out with him, you’ll probably be seeing him fairly often.

Route 1, Drive

Pit stop during our drive up Route 1 from LA to SF this past summer. There were elephant seals behind us, too, but they didn’t sign a waiver (something about missing thumbs???) so no blog appearances for them.

He is also my biggest fan and supporter, and basically the best thing that has ever happened to me. We’ve known each other for more >12 years. We’ve been together for 6 years, married for 3, and living together for just over 1 (long story, another day).

Chinese Wedding Dinner, KMN

We celebrated our marriage a number of times…this was from our Chinese Wedding Dinner in Singapore.
Photo Credit: Mindy Tan, Mindy Tan Photography

Din Tai Fung, dumplings

He also takes me for dumplings at Din Tai Fung whenever I ask. Those suckers are GOOD.

In answer to the most frequently asked questions about him: He’s Chinese/Singaporean/American, he speaks English perfectly, he works as a fancy-pants corporate attorney, and he has a heart for helping…pretty much everyone.  He likes guitars, food, a sleek Scandinavian design aesthetic, playing with new technology, traveling, and most of all – when I stick a camera in his face while he’s eating dumplings.

I still don’t really know why he married me, but I’m not gonna argue with that kind of luck!

And with that, I’m done being mushy.  No glitter, no lace, low-mush…are you starting to get an idea of how we roll (run) around here?

Hiking, Vibrams

Feet. A picture of feet. That can’t possibly be mushy, can it? Except for our matching Vibrams, that is. Dang!

So, as a matter of housekeeping, let’s stipulate (as an attorney, he appreciates having things defined and/or stipulated) that henceforth, “he” shall be known on the blog as “KMN”.  This doubles as his airport code, by the way. (<—A joke for you frequent fliers, all credit goes to my college roommate.)

Cool.  I’m always awkward with introductions, so I’m glad that’s over with.  And now, I’m off for a run.  Have I mentioned that I can practically see the trailhead from our apartment?  Oh, I haven’t?  Well, you’ll just have to pop back soon to hear all about it!

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