January 2014 – Movement Labs

Year in Pictures: 2013 in Review

I’ve now looked back on 2013 as a Year of Running and as a Year of Blogging.  For my final 2013 wrap-up, I’m taking a look at the year in pictures.  One picture + caption per month, and that’s it.  Compiling this post was complicated by some recent computer issues, but I didn’t obsess over the selection […]

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Happy 2014 (aka Will I Stay Awake Until Midnight?)

Spoiler: I stayed awake. But my initial post-by-email attempt failed. Let’s try this again (and pretend this posted about 10 hours ago!) For those of us who work and play in the GMT +8 time zone (Me! Me! Me!), 2014 is less than an hour away. I haven’t even had a nap yet tonight, and […]

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