December 2013 – Movement Labs

Five Things Friday (Unlinked)

I’m not linking up with anyone.  And it’s actually Saturday morning in Singapore.  Double fail? No way!  It’s still Friday evening in the US!!  And I’m (finally) sharing a blog post, after a week of blog-silence!  So that’s a double WIN in my opinion.  So let me ease back in by summarizing the last 5 […]

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Stretch of the Week: Shoelace (Hips #2/ IT Band & TFL #1)

*Apologies if you got this before it was in its final format.  WordPress recently re-vamped their interface, and I swear the “Publish” button is wear the “Preview” button used to be… Although I haven’t made a big bloggy fuss about it, I’ve been Elf for Health-ing the last two weeks. [What is EoH?  Basically, bloggers Lindsay & Elle organized a […]

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Join Me On This Run: Sussex County, NJ

It’s no secret that I love to run. I love running in Rochester…my running family is there, and the city has some incredible parks to explore. I love running in Los Angeles…the sun is always shining, and there’s an odd beauty to the dusty, dry mountains out there. I love running in Singapore…gear requirements are […]

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