February 2013 – Movement Labs

Chinese New Year, Days 8-15 and Cooking A Whole Fish

“The Jade Emperor is like the big poobah of Heaven.  The Kitchen God is like the snitch.”  -KMN That pretty much sums it up, folks.  In traditional Chinese religions, the Jade Emperor is the ruler of Heaven, and the Kitchen God…well, the Kitchen God sits in the kitchen (surprise!) and watches over the daily activities […]

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Good Mornings For a Tuesday (Feb. 26)

*A few things from the last few weeks that didn’t fit into any other posts…Enjoy! Shadow Play A rare afternoon of sunshine. Allegedly, we’re moving into hot, dry season – but it’s pouring rain right now! And I can’t argue with the breeze that’s blowing…   Merry Christmas to Us!  Love, Our Investment Firm I’m […]

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Let’s Talk About Food: Chinese New Year Goodies!

Finally: It’s time to talk about Chinese New Year treats! Previously, I described a bit about our schedule and habits for Chinese New Year visiting, which inevitably includes the consumption of plenty of Chinese New Year goodies.  These treats start popping up everywhere: in supermarkets, in retail stores, and at kiosks in malls and hawker […]

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URun 2013 10K OMB Challenge: Race Report

On Sunday, KMN and I ran our third race in Singapore (haven’t written up the second one yet): URun 2013.  My “pre-cap” from yesterday is here, but after a good night of sleep and some time to dig up as many photos as possible, it’s time to really dive into this race report.  So let’s […]

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Quick Peek At URun 2013, and Debut of the Word “Pre-cap”

This morning, KMN and I participated in the URun 2013 10K OMB Challenge (10K Run + Stair Climb).  I’ll write a longer race report for tomorrow, but for now, here’s the pre-cap.  [Pre-cap = Very brief post of highlights that precedes the actual, full-length re-cap.  Why has no one invented this word before???  It’s perfection, if […]

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Chinese New Year, Days 1 and 2

So we should probably get back to Chinese New Year, before the whole holiday is completely over, huh?  My last CNY post left us at “Day -1”, on the Eve of the New Year.  Let’s go back there for just a moment… At the risk of overlooking the hard work of some prominent Chinese entertainer/personality, […]

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