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2013 Weekly Workout Round-Up (May 27 – June 1)

Thankfully, after the mucus debacle of two weeks ago, last week was a somewhat better week of training.  Things started slowly:

Monday: Easy Run
Tuesday: Yoga

On the urging of a friend, I tried out a yoga class with a new instructor.  The diversity of yoga – and yoga teaching styles – still amazes me.  This particular class started with lots of breathing exercises, including things like, “Breathe in through your left nostril, and out through your right. This is good for cleansing the right side of the body.” or something to that effect.  I know that breath is important, but I’ll admit this was a bit weird for me – particularly since the residue of the previous week’s cold left me unable to breathe through one nostril, so I kept having to “cheat” through my mouth.  I felt very self-conscious about this – especially when the instructor stuck his ear in my face to listen to my breathing.  Whoops.

We then proceeded into a very energetic class, with lots of jumping from pose to pose. However, there was very little instruction on proper body position, pose alignment, or how to sync the breathing and postures.  As of late, I find myself getting annoyed when I take a class where the instructor fails to…well, fails to instruct, on proper execution.  This is true in classes from BodyPump to Spin to yoga.  I wish I could chillax, but even if I know what I’m doing, I feel like all participants deserve proper instruction, to maximize their workout and keep them safe.  So I get peevish when I feel that isn’t provided.

The instructor did come off the stage several times to help students individually – but when he moved me (and others, as far as I could see once I started watching) I found him to be a bit too rough. He didn’t hesitate to push, tug, and twist people’s bodies in not-so-gentle ways, and without even communicating with them (“How is this?” Where do you feel the stretch?”).  Hmmmm.  When I’m already stretching to my limit, roughly pushing my leg further down isn’t going to win me over to your method of instruction.

Perhaps there is a method to his madness – and I know plenty of students enjoy so class.  I just wasn’t my favorite. I think I tend to prefer classes that provide a greater aerobic workout (a flow class), or a workout that I leave feeling like I’ve been very well stretched.  This provided neither.  In fact, the next day I was sore in one spot: The back of my neck.  Weird.

Still, I have a tendency to get into a workout rut – so big thanks to my friend for pulling into something new.  Although it wasn’t quite the right class for me, I’m glad I went.  Thanks, C! 🙂

Wednesday: Spin
Thursday: Run & BodyPump

I ran quite early in the morning, and headed directly out for BodyPump.  By the time class was over, I was ravenous.  So I grabbed a peanut pancake (not quite like an American pancake) to tide me over until lunch.

Crispy outside and soft inside, stuffed with peanut paste.  Carbs and protein, what more could I want?

Crispy outside and soft inside, stuffed with peanut paste. Carbs and protein, what more could I want?

This is completely random, but as I was walking to the bus, I saw this sign.  I won’t lie: It made me sad and distracted enough that I missed my bus.

It just feels...hopeless, you know?

It just feels…hopeless, you know? 🙁

Friday: Rest/Cheer Squad

Very late on Friday night, I headed out to cheer for the participants in this year’s Sundown Half-Marathon.  I staked out a spot just before the bridge to Marina Barrage and set up camp.  The race flagged off at 11:30 PM, so the lead runners came through at around 12:30 AM.  I got to cheer the leaders through, and then the trickle of runners quickly turned into a tidal wave.  I jumped, clapped, yelled, danced, and did whatever else I could think of to make people smile and keep them moving.  [I did not, however, tell them that they were “Almost there!”.  I was far more explicit, “Just over 5K!”] I have no photos from the cheer session (as it was, you know, DARK), but here are a few pre-cheer photos.

Around 3 AM, I finally called it a night and went on a hunt for a taxi.  Unfortunately, I was downtown and in Drunk Tourists Central.  Fortunately, I was totally sober, hyped up from a cheer session, and wearing sensible shoes.  This allowed me to walk far enough to avoid taxi-hailing competition, and I was home in about 15 minutes and asleep 5 minutes after that (4.75 minutes to guzzle some more water and grab a shower, 0.25 minutes to fall asleep).  I slept in until 10 AM (super late for me!), thus missing the cool of the morning for a run.  But one of our favorite spin instructors was teaching the New Release Les Mills Spin Launch on Saturday afternoon, so KMN and I splurged on the extra travel time to get down to the One Raffles Quay gym.

Saturday: Spin
Sunday: Long run

I will diligently be spending more time in my hip stretching poses this week.  Pinky swear!

I will diligently be spending more time in my hip stretching poses this week. Pinky swear!

On Sunday morning, I set out early for 7 solo miles on the roads, then looped back home for a dry shirt, trail sneakers, and my husband.  We headed out for a 7 mile loop around McRitchie Reservoir.  Unfortunately, I had been rather lazy in the stretching and foam rolling department during the week, and my IT band decided to get some revenge.  I was able to keep any serious problems at bay with frequent stretch-stops (and possibly fervent promises to do better next week!!!), and KMN stuck with me and was a good sport about the whole situation.  These stops made the run part seem really easy, though – my legs didn’t feel too fatigued, and despite some lingering lung-ickies, my aerobic stamina was quite good.  14 miles in the books.  Last week’s formula of 1 Nuun + 1 salt tab per hour seemed to do me well again this week.  There were no post-run electrolyte-loss headaches to be found. Yes!!!

The best part of the run was when KMN spotted a huge spider working on her web, right over the trail.  The web stretched across the whole path!  The spider was enormous, too – probably 3-4 inches in diameter (including legs).  She had already anchored the ‘spokes’ of her web, and we watched her unravel silk from her spinnerets and fasten it to form the circular part of the web.  Nature is SO COOL.

After a busy Sunday morning, a lazy Sunday afternoon, and a quick buy-a-toaster-but-don’t-because-the-one-you-want-is-out-of-stock trip, my legs were craving an inversion.  I was tired, so used the wall:

Legs up the wall!

Legs up the wall!

Relaxing while the wall does the work.

Relaxing while the wall does the work.

Total Workout Time for the Week: 8 hrs, 14 min

Plan for this week (already in action, obviously) is extra TLC for my IT bands, and a return to daily aerobic work, now that I’ve kicked the cold completely to the curb.  Bring it on!!

What was your best workout last week?

When was the last time nature made you stop and think, “WOW. That is SO COOL!”?

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  1. It is definitely interesting how every instructor has their own unique “yoga class”. Even though I do Bikram which has set postures and a set script, everyone’s class is completely different. I know what you mean about instructors giving tips on proper posture and all. I tend to stand really close to the instructor so it’s easier for them to notice if I’m doing something wrong 😛

    Ooh! I need to try the Nuun tablets. Sometimes I get headaches after long runs and maybe it’s electrolyte loss. Doesn’t hurt to try at least 😛

    Nature is quite marvelous 🙂 I’m scared of spider webs though… not sure why! I did have a lovely bike ride on Sunday which was along the lake. It was the most gorgeous deep blue colour 😀 Totally made my day!

    • Holly KN June 6, 2013 at 8:13 am - Reply

      If you aren’t taking in any electrolytes when you run long/in hot weather, that is very likely the cause of your headaches. When I started running it took me a loooong time to figure this out – don’t wait so long for yourself! 🙂

      The spider (and web) were pretty high up, this time. Although sometimes when we run first thing in the morning, we “find” webs or web remnants just by running through them. Ick.

      There are few things I love more than working out next to the water. Hope you got a gentle breeze, too! 🙂

  2. Kristen L June 6, 2013 at 3:10 am - Reply

    Glad you are finally feeling fully better after your nasty cold! It takes so long sometimes, doesn’t it? I always have to work on my hips and IT strength, but I forget sometimes. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • Holly KN June 6, 2013 at 8:13 am - Reply

      Mine reminded me; happy to pass along the message. 🙂 Also planning to pass along some stretches, soon!

  3. Kim June 6, 2013 at 4:25 am - Reply

    This is not really nature, but I was telling my students about how physics and biology are related and used our lungs as an example. I get so excited telling them about all of these super-awesome overlaps that I pretty much squeal. Then they give me this look like, “Yeah lady, go take your crazy pills or get to the point.” or there are crickets and eye rolls when I ask, “Seriously, isn’t that the coolest thing ever?! How amazing and awe-inspiring is it that [insert super cool thing here] happens?!”

    • Holly KN June 6, 2013 at 8:38 am - Reply

      They don’t know it, and probably don’t act like it – but those students are lucky to have you. And while this might go in one ear/out the other for most of them, never underestimate how powerful you are. You never know whose eyes you’re opening. Keep up the great work! 🙂

      • Kim June 9, 2013 at 1:04 am - Reply

        Thanks, Holly. That means a lot!

  4. Allee @ Griselda Mood June 6, 2013 at 4:32 am - Reply

    Great week of workouts, lady. You’ve been busy! I must say that I am veryyy intrigued by this peanut pancake of yours. I want one! Also, your spider story is both fascinating and scary. I probably wouldn’t have studied it as long as you did. Instead, I would have been running a 4 minute mile all the way home screaming “IS IT ON ME?! IS THE SPIDER ON ME?! GET IT OFF!” haha.

    • Holly KN June 6, 2013 at 8:40 am - Reply

      Come visit, and I’ll buy you one! 😉 They also come with sweet red bean filling, or chocolate, or coconut… =)

      Hahaha. The spider was a pretty safe distance above us. And we kept our mouths closed. 😉

  5. Debbie @ Deb Runs... June 6, 2013 at 11:29 am - Reply

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! I love legs up the wall(at least that’s what I call it), and your comment about relaxing while the wall does all the work!

    Don’t you love running with your hubby? I feel so lucky that Bill loves to run as much as I do, and that we run together.

    • Holly KN June 7, 2013 at 1:29 pm - Reply

      I do love running with him – this required some negotiations early on in our relationship (we have very different running/training philosophies), but we’ve mostly worked that out. Even more important to me, though, is that even if we don’t actually get out the door together, he understands WHY I run, and I why I HAVE TO run! 🙂

  6. Jean June 6, 2013 at 1:13 pm - Reply

    Is breathing through one nostril and not the other even possible? I don’t believe it!

    Is peanut paste the same thing as peanut butter?

    I was curious to see what McRitchie Reservoir looks like so I googled it and it’s beautiful! I can’t believe you have access to something like that living in a city.

    I don’t know that any workout was particularly great last week since I felt so tired, but I had a longer interval run I ran way too fast (oops), so I obviously didn’t feel that terrible!

    Hmmmm, I can’t think of a good nature example, but I know it’s an amazing thing! I’m not sure I’d be excited to have seen what you saw, though… giant spiders aren’t really my thing!

    • Holly KN June 7, 2013 at 1:32 pm - Reply

      [We hold the other one closed. Sorry. Should’ve been more clear on that concept…]

      Not quite. It’s SORT OF like super chunky peanut butter where the peanut pieces are all sort-of the same small-ish size, but it’s also a bit drier. It may also be made from a different kind of peanuts (than what we get in the US), because the taste is slightly different.

      OK, OK – I know you requested more photos of Singapore, generally, in a previous post. I’ll work on it. We don’t usually carry our phones or cameras on a run, since it’s so sweaty/wet – but we did do some hiking in there recently with visiting friends, and I have some snaps from that. Will work on it. 🙂

      And the spider was *thoroughly* out of the way. 🙂

  7. Mom June 7, 2013 at 6:43 pm - Reply

    Nature is captivating, and our interaction with it, thought provoking. While inspecting a perrennial in the yard, I noticed that several leaves had been consumed by some critter. I inspected and found the guilty green varmint. I prepared to annihilate it, but then thought about the monarch caterpillars and butterflies that I have welcomed into my yard, along with their host plant, the milkweed. They have brought the wonder and beuaty of the natural world to me and my kindergartners. “Why is this larva any different?” is the question I posed to myself. It is somewhat of a dilemna for me. I have come to terms with killing ants and mice in the house, and grubs and japanese beetles in the yard. But I now decide each on a case by case basis. Hmm….

    • Holly KN June 10, 2013 at 12:54 pm - Reply

      We say No to ants & cockroaches, and Yes to lizards…everything else depends… [And I will say, when I don’t recognize it, sometimes I *do* judge a book by its cover!]

  8. […] IT-band is my Achilles heel (ha, ha), so when it tightened up on me during last weekend’s long run, I crossed my fingers that it merely needed a bit of TLC, not a three month running break (See? […]

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